TransferWise celebrates Estonia’s 100th birthday with donation of February transfer fees to Eesti 2.0

Postitas Ede 23.02.2018

Fintech company TransferWise supports non-profit organization Eesti 2.0 with donation of transfer fees on payments made to Estonia via its platform during the birthday month of February. The estimated €25,000 will finance the charity’s summer school programme, to inspire the next generation of Estonians to choose a future in technology. TransferWise employees have supported Hüppelaud with mentoring support in the past, and the company looks forward to continuing its close relationship with the organization.

Taavet Hinrikus, co-founder of TransferWise, said that Eesti 2.0 is invaluable in encouraging the next generation to pursue careers in technology and science: “Last year I volunteered with the Eesti 2.0 team as a mentor in their summer project Hüppelaud. There I had an opportunity to encourage young students to experiment, to be ambitious in their approach to a career in technology, and to learn programming. I share the same way of thinking as the leads of Eesti 2.0 – knowing technology helps to understand the world better and gives a chance to do something important.”

“Funding this year’s summer school is TransferWise's birthday gift to today’s young Estonians,” added Hinrikus.

The CEO of Eesti 2.0 Ede Tamkivi said that they are very honoured and utterly thankful for this gesture. “Eesti 2.0 has been built entirely by private donors and every donation will be used to help Estonian children to become more interested in technology.”

Eesti 2.0 has supported 100 schools and almost 50,000 students. “We can only implement our vision with the help of like-minded supporters,” adds Hardi Meybaum, an entrepreneur and the founder of Eesti 2.0. “It’s a pleasure that TransferWise is looking into the same direction!”

The donation will be used for organizing this year's “Hüppelaud” (Spring Board), a summer programme meant for Estonian students between age 14-19. The programme encourages students to work in teams and build products in rapid prototyping mode. The first ever Hüppelaud was held last summer in Tartu and attended by 60 students from 31 schools all over Estonia. In cooperation with their mentors from internationally acclaimed backgrounds the teams built products spanning from a safe sack to a parking app.