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Build Bitcoin Apps

Eesti 2.0 will provide Estonian schools with instructions on how to get started with bitcoin computing and machine-to-machine micropayments.

In the new field of bitcoin computing, the virtual currency bitcoin is used as a fundamental system resource on par with power, memory, bandwidth, or hard drive space. The key concept is that by using bitcoin as a vehicle for machine-to-machine micropayments, any computer can now accelerate its work by outsourcing it to other machines in exchange for bitcoin. What this means is that new machine economies will arise, with bitcoin as their native currency - an "economy of things" to complement the idea of the "internet of things".

Students in this program will gain expertise with the Bitcoin protocol, and will learn how to set up machine-payable endpoints using the free 21 software. They will receive a special kind of computer called the 21 Bitcoin Computer that makes it easy to use bitcoin to rent physical devices. The material also covers the Blockchain, the special distributed database that underpins the Bitcoin protocol. Finally, students will learn how to write code that uses bitcoin micropayments, such as simple games that pay out bitcoin upon a victory, or digital goods stores that sell files for bitcoin. As a real world example, they will learn how to design an app that rents out a WiFi station to others, with payment by the minute/hour coming in the form of bitcoin.

With the provided tutorials, bitcoin computing can be integrated into the curriculum of programming, math or entrepreneurship classes in high schools or used in extra-curricular activities. 

Schools to Start Bitcoin Computing:

  • Kilingi-Nõmme Gümnaasium
  • Tallinna Humanitaargümnaasium
  • Oskar Lutsu Palamuse Gümnaasium
  • Valgamaa Kutseõppekeskus
  • Põltsamaa Ühisgümnaasium
  • Tallinna 21. Kool
  • Gustav Adolfi Gümnaasium
  • Toila Gümnaasium
  • Kiili Gümnaasium
  • Narva Pähklimäe Gümnaasium
Initiatives like this will modernize the learning environment and help to advance Estonian society.“ 
Toomas Hendrik Ilves